Keep relationship with soil,

A little sweetness in talk.

No matter how old you grow,

Keep old age away from mind.

There will be fun in life,

Should you have an attachment in mind.

Criticize you may others,

But do keep a mirror in front.

Should you take someone’s help in life,

Be indebted too for life.

Should you achieve something,

Consider it a game of destiny,

Leave aside arrogance.


Enmity between rich and poor

Having heard about the fame of sufi saint Miyan Mir, a Badshah once went to meet him in his hut situated outside the town. A fakir was standing outside. Seeing him, the Badshah said,” I desire to meet Miyan Mir. I am the Badshah of this kingdom. Can I go in to pay him my respects?”

The fakir asked him to wait and went inside the hut. Mian Mir asked him a counter question,” How has the Badshah come?”

The fakir said,”He has a huge army with him as also camels laden with diamonds and jewels.”

Hearing this, the saint said,”Tell the Badshah that it is not possible to meet now.”

The Badshah turned back, but did not return to the capital. He sent his army back, disbanded the camels, sending back the diamonds and jewels, and started living like a fakir near the Saint’s hut.After some time , he again went to meet the saint, but again met with disappointment. The saint sent him a message that he should serve the ascetic saint who lived on the banks of the river Ravi.

The Badshah served this ascetic for two years. His face turned totally dark, wrinkles showing on it.

One day, the ascetic said,” You wanted to meet the Saint Miyan Mir, isn’t it? So go and meet him.”

The Badshah went to his hut and the Saint called him in.

At that time, the Badshah asked him,” I had come twice earlier to meet you. Why did you disappoint me then?”

The Saint said,”The first time you had come with all your royal regalia, and the second time, though you had come without all the pomp, the ego had not gone away from within you. Just as poverty and wealth don’t get along, so also there is enmity between the rich and the ascetic.”

Subsequently, the Badshah became the favorite disciple of the Sufi Saint Miyan Mir for life.


Imprisoned in ones own thoughts

A man covers his heart with one veil after another, and as a result goes far away from his real self. The first mistake that he makes is that he tries to show others what he is not. He is not honest ,yet he pretends to be one.He does not speak the truth,yet he behaves as if he always speaks the truth. There is great temptation in his mind yet he pretends to be apathetic. All these covers gradually take the human being far away from his true self. A time comes, when a castle of untruth is formed around his heart. It has gates of arrogance which have locks of deception. Because of this, the man has to carry a delusional personality. He is imprisoned in the ideas raised by himself.

Gradually, the fake will turn into reality and his true existence will disappear! A person who wears lies, hypocrisy, and pretense in life, will ultimately lose himself if he does not remove these covers. Hence, to regain your own self, it is necessary to first rid yourself of these covers. As these covers are unwrapped, trust, simplicity and truth will emerge in life and a moment will come when the heart will resonate with true feelings. There will be no deceit in it and such a pure heart will be the creator of true joy of life.



Thursday Smile

The village school had a new Headmaster. Wanting to have some discipline, he thought of appointing a Monitor. So he started interviewing the senior boys. The question he asked all of them was,”What do you do after school?”

And the replies he received………..

“I fetch some smoking tobacco from Chandu’s shop for my father and then go to play’

“I go to Chandu’s shop to buy some opium for my father and then go for a swim in the lake with my friends.”

“I buy some country liquor for my father from Chandu’s shop and then go for a stroll.

“I bet on figures for my father at Chandu’s shop and then watch T.V. at home.

“I go home,have my bath,then burn some incense before the family Idol and say some prayers and then head for my shop”

The Headmaster was overwhelmed and immediately decided to appoint this boy as the Monitor.

“Son, tell me your name”

“I am Chandu!”

A New Method Of Ending Expectations

Standing in front of an idol, a monk, with hands spread out, was soliciting again and again.He was asking for alms from that idol, and all those watching him were wondering how that idol was going to give alms to that monk! Watching this daily routine, everyone was surprised but no one dared to ask! What was the point in soliciting to an idol which was not going to respond!

Seeing this daily,however, a young monk was pretty upset , and gathered courage to ask him:” I consider you as my Guru and a disciple should unhesitatingly put forth his doubts to his Guru, hence I want an answer to a doubt that has arisen in my mind”.

“Tell me, what is the question?”

Said the young monk:” Guru, every morning, with outstretched hands, you stand before this idol and seek alms. You know very well that this idol is not going to give you alms…..then why this futile attempt…and that too daily?!”

Hearing this, the Guru said:” Your curiosity is absolutely justified. I know that this idol is not going to give me anything and despite that I keep soliciting daily…..but not in the hope of receiving anything……it is part of my routine exercise. I try to put an end to my expectations by thinking that asking does not not get me anything. Moreover, doing so builds patience in my heart and when I go to seek alms in some house and do not receive anything, I do not have the slightest disappointment or bitterness. I do this routine so that the peace of my mind is not disturbed.”

The young monk said: “You showed me a new method to put an end to expectations and to increase patience. Now I too will practice it in my life.”