Keep relationship with soil,

A little sweetness in talk.

No matter how old you grow,

Keep old age away from mind.

There will be fun in life,

Should you have an attachment in mind.

Criticize you may others,

But do keep a mirror in front.

Should you take someone’s help in life,

Be indebted too for life.

Should you achieve something,

Consider it a game of destiny,

Leave aside arrogance.


Dula Kag’s Poetry

If fower loses its fragrance,and sandalwood its aroma,

trees go to the forest….then what has remained?

The sun has lost its rays,

and the fruit bearing trees their fruits,

the servant ceases to give his services,

then what has remained?

The river has remained,

but is without any water!

The warrier has remained,

but has lost all his strength!

The kingdom has remained,

but the king is without his mace!

Righteousness and modesty have gone,

Status and Bounds have gone,

Then what has remained,

in the descendants of Lord Rama?