Though it brought about a lifetime of grief,

It was fun falling in love with you!

That you came to me, must have been a miracle,

As if to the moth came the flame!

Flowers cannot by themselves travel, so what?

To carry their fragrance, the air travelled!

Well, good bye now, all ye roads in this world,

The place that I call home, has come!

Despite keeping quiet, could not hide it from GOD,

My lips were sealed…..but a prayer slipped.




Open the window and see the fun,

Wind will gush in with fragrance!

Should you be alone in your journey,

Mother’s blessings will keep you company.

I never worry about my boat,

Should the captain sulk,

God will navigate!

Strangers remained with me till the end,

Relatives will join at death.

This is an unknown river, beware,

It’s possible that deep whirlpools may appear somewhere.

Whichever be the direction, accept it,

Another direction will emerge from it.

Do not worry about today’s meeting,

Should “KHALIL” come,

Others will join in!



Bringing a cow home!

I had this German friend who was divorced twice and was planning a third marriage.

When I broke this news to another common friend of ours, a non-believer in the institution of marriage, he just shrugged, shook his head, and said:

” He is a fool. One doesn’t bring a cow home just for a litre of milk”!!!

Any Comments?


After You!!!

Three friends visited a brothel. All of them fell for one particular woman.Gentlemen that they were, they were very courteous, saying “After You” to each other. Finally, the issue was decided by the toss of a coin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            They continued visiting her. The woman conceived.The three of them decided to take care of her through her pregnancy. Despite the due date being long over, the woman just would not  deliver.Everything being normal, the Doctor treating her, decided to give her a final check up before deciding upon an operation.

Presently, he put the stethoscope on the woman’s tummy and heard some murmur.

As if on a cue he inserted a coin in the woman’s vagina.

Lo and Behold! Within minutes, TRIPLETS CAME OUT!!!