My Honor Kept Intact

Not a drop of tear,

left my eyes.

Pain kept my honor.

It was good,

That friends did not visit.

For, unknown to them,

of my sufferings,

God kept the honor.

Wind blew over my body,

covering it with dust,

Thus providing a shroud,

God kept my honor.





Be Grateful.

Many do not get unpolluted air to breathe,

which otherwise should be free.

Are you able to breathe freely?

Be Grateful.

Many are alive

but suffer as if in hell.

Are you better off?

Be Grateful.

Many are blind, and many have blurred vision.

Do you have good eyesight?

Be Grateful.

Some suffer from nervous breakdown,

some others have other ailments.

Are you leading a healthy life?

Be Grateful.

Many are ruined, many go insane.

Are you enjoying every moment in life?

Be Grateful.

Condensed from the original



BEFAM again

I may partake of the drink

but always retain my senses.

There is nothing else to keep,

So I just maintain my honor.

You may not care for me,

But I do, for you.

The earth below my feet keeps tripping me,

So I keep my sights on the sky.

I am but an ordinary man,

But in poetry, I stand out.