What do you do when…?

One can insure a house against fire,

But what when your dreams burn to ashes?

If it rains, you can buy an umbrella,

What if your eyes flood?

Hearing a lion’s roar, you may run away,

What when your ego roars?

When a thorn hurts, you can pull it out,

What when some words hurt?

Against physical pain, you can take pills,

What when sorrows overflow?



True Relationship

Where you can talk without manipulating your words,

Where you can unabashedly shed tears without hiding your feelings,

Where you can seek help without hesitancy,

That is where true relationship is.


Yet Another joke

A vegetable vendor was lying down next to his spread by the roadside.

A businessman passing by commented: If you just lie down during business hours,
how will you progress?

Vendor: What do I do after progressing?

Businessman: Well, instead of sitting by the roadside, you could have your own shop,
buy your own farmland, even export your vegetables.

Vendor: And after that?

Businessman: Well, there will be people working under you and then you can relax.

Vendor: You idiot, what do you think was I doing now? Why don’t you just mind
your own business?!!!



Nothing Like A Free Gift

Wife: I have got a beautiful shirt for you.

Hubby: Oh, indeed it is very smart. Thanks! By the way, how much did it cost?

Wife: Actually it is for free. The moment I saw it, I liked it so much that I decided to buy this expensive saree, alongwith which it came free!



Words of Wisdom

(1)Some relationships do not bring any profits,
but they do make your life rich.

(2) I do not want to reach such heights,
that I may not be able to  embrace others.


(3)Your footsteps are going to imprint the earth,
the  news has spread through the garden,
all the branches are bowing in reverence,
the flowers have lowered their sight.




What was once a dream,

I achieved.

But what was it,

That I lost?



Tears that don’t shed themselves


Seeming as if it will be shed any moment,

Why does this droplet of a tear,

Not release from the eye?

Even if there’s no smoke,

It is not as if there is nothing

Burning inside me.

As I look within,

Why  do I not find

My soul inside me?

Surrounded by a crowd,

Why can I not find someone

Who belongs to me?

The smile on my lips,

How many can it fool?

It is not as if

My heart is not crying within me.

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