To An Old Flame

At dusk, when the cows come home

After grazing in the pasture all day long

To the sound of temple bells

Ringing to announce that night is about

When the last rays of the sun are parting

When birds have sung their last song of the day

When the sky turns hazy

And starlets abound

Then come my beloved

To the old pond by the village

Where the big banyan tree stands

Where in the past

Sat we with hands clasped

Looking into each others’ eyes

Imagining starry nights

Your smile driving me crazy

Come, my sweetheart

With your anklets jingling

But tread softly

Lest someone else heareth


21 thoughts on “To An Old Flame

  1. Dear sir, this is a beautiful composition indeed. the beginning reminded me of Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a country churchyard… I have been a fan of Kunal’s poetry for years and now I am a fan of yours too. best regards! Amit

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  2. Kunal sent me here and I am happy he did.
    I love the picture you paint. I can picture everything in my mind. How soft and gentle she comes to you.
    Please enjoy a beautiful weekend!
    🙂 Dajena

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