It was the monsoons.

I visited my farmhouse out in the hills. The rains had already changed the scene. A carpet of inviting green welcomed me. Trees were awash, birds were busy adjusting the last straws of their nests, waterfalls were cascading down the slopes, the river was nearly in spate. To add to this delight, the peacocks were parading their wares. Everything was just so… beautiful! But more was still to come, as I stepped out at night.

It was pitch dark and bit chilly, too. I thought of getting a torchlight and something warm to wear. Just then, a tiny insect whizzed past. And then some more. Oh, fireflies, I thought. In no time, there was a swarm, covering almost everything – the ground, the trees, plants; everything was aglow, laden with twinkling stars! As they buzzed around, it were as if a small illuminated cloud were moving from place to place. It was a sight to behold – sheer delight!

I forgot all about the dark and the cold. It wasn’t as if the fireflies provided me with any light, or even warmth. But they lit up my heart and gifted me bliss! Does heaven really have anything better to offer?


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