I hold court at my farmhouse on the outskirts of the city, on weekends. It is open to all – birds, insects, animals, whoever wants to attend. No permission is sought, or given. Of course, we me as the only human present, I’m the presiding authority! A broken garden chair serves as my throne, occasionally to be replaced by a boulder when the chairs needs more mending!

My loyal subjects – the bees, butterflies, pigeons, sparrows, crows, mynahs and the random cuckoo. The peacocks grace us with their presence in the monsoon, and hold a dance session in that season for the king and his subjects.

From the animal world come the dogs, monkeys, sheep, some donkeys and of course, the cows, who seem to have made it their right to room anywhere at will. Sometimes, some foreign birds arrive to present their credentials.

Being a poor ruler, I have nothing to offer them. But blessed with a large heart, I permit them to feast on anything available in the garden – nectar, fruit, berries, leaves or grass.

There is absolutely no agenda. The court commences when the king – yours truly – takes his place at the throne. The durbar is bit noisy, what with the constant cackle of the birds and the hum of the bees! The donkeys have been appointed court singers, with the dogs accompanying them. On occasion, when the birds want to join in the chorus to please me, the resulting cacophony reminds me of the Tower of Babel! Monkeys, of course, have the pride of place as court jesters. Playful squirrels often disturb the proceedings but are always forgiven. In general, proper court etiquette is maintained.

For fish, a separate durbar is held at a nearby pond, where as an exception, the king throws some stale bread crumbs to them for their royal feast. The fish show their appreciation by jumping out of the water and performing acrobatics to the immense pleasure of the king.

When it is evening and the sun is reluctant to do any overtime, the court reluctantly concludes its session with nothing concrete achieved, but with everybody feeling happy. My subjects disperse after paying obeisance and me pleased as punch! As for those who did not attend, it is assumed that they were either preoccupied, or enjoying their honeymoon elsewhere!

Friends, I recommend all of you hold your own durbar and conduct it in a manner that suits or pleases you. I have experienced tremendous pleasure and peace. At times, it feels as if the Lord Himself were seated besides me, also partaking in the proceedings. Do have a go! God bless!



  1. I have a birdhouse and put some water for the birds in my tiny balcony. It gets filled with my little friends, and they are a beautiful accompaniment when I practise my Raags also they make their presence felt during meditation. After reading your post though I shall now feel like the Queen!

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