Remembering Father – some notable episodes, Part 3

It was around 1960. By now, my father had built up a big reputation about himself and prided himself on his competitive intelligence.

A big tender worth many millions of rupees was floated and companies were vying with each other to get the order. Sealed tenders were deposited with the prospective buyer. A few days before tender opening, my father somehow managed to get copies of the quotations submitted by other competing parties and it was clear to him that his company would not get the order. A flurry of messages was exchanged between the Bombay office and the German headquarters and suddenly one night, two stenos came to our house with typewriters. They worked through the night with my father and a fresh tender was discreetly placed in place of the earlier one (which was quietly withdrawn).

Of course, the order was won! I still don’t know how he managed to get the copies of other parties’ tenders, but if it wasn’t for him having his ears to the ground and having an extra pair of hands with his “sources”, it certainly wouldn’t have been his!



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