Remembering Father – some notable episodes, Part 4

It was not just the company he worked for that his mind worked overtime. He was always looking for ways and means to increase his own income. He had received all the promotions that one could possibly get in his company and there was no way further way up. Then, he hit upon another of his ideas.

My eldest maternal uncle was then the general manager of Sholapur Mills, a company of great repute. The idea was for my maternal uncle to write a letter to him (my father) stating that though he was aware of my father’s loyalty to his company, he had a job ready for him at a much higher salary provided he would accept. The letter was to be sent to my father at his office address with his name deliberately not mentioned on the envelope .An upright man, my maternal uncle would never do this, but my father got my mother – who was an only sister to seven brothers and thus the darling of the family – to plead with uncle, who reluctantly gave in.

Well, the letter reached the office and the General Manager, not knowing the real addressee, opened it. When it turned out to be a personal letter addressed to my father, he promptly called him in apologize – how was he to know that this was deliberate mischief? My father pretended agitation but calmed down when shown the envelope not bearing his name. Then, he innocently asked the boss whether he had read the letter and when the boss said he indeed had, my father asked him what he thought about it. The arrow had hit its mark! My father received another big raise and there by hangs a story!


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