Once upon a time, there was a mighty empire of ants – the biggest ever known, situated beneath a huge banyan tree that had grown on the fringe of a lush, green meadow which formed part of a very rich landlord’s estate. After the death of the landlord, the estate fell into neglect.

Then one day, a new owner moved in. The court astrologer of the ants saw this as a very bad omen and predicted the Empire’s doom.”We must relocate immediately,” said the astrologer, but everyone laughed it off saying he’d gone insane. “We don’t have any enemies and in any case we are quite capable of repulsing any attack on us”. The wise astrologer did not say a word but promptly moved out of the kingdom with his family and a few devoted friends.

The next morning, calamity struck out of nowhere. Flash floods came relentlessly, carrying away everything in sight. Millions of ants perished. Some were reminded of the biblical floods and thought that hopefully a Noah’s ark would appear and bring them to safety but to no avail. The few survivors decided to abandon their now totally ruined city.

But just how did this happen? They formed a committee to go into the root cause of this tragedy that had completely wiped out the mightiest empire of ants that ever ruled this earth within a matter of a few hours! There was no river nearby and the ocean was miles away. At the time of the deluge, the sky was totally devoid of any clouds. Did God have a hand in this?

Well, God didn’t but the newly appointed gardener of the new owner did! This culprit, after watering the plants and lawn had carelessly left the garden hose near the banyan tree, without shutting off water tap!

And thus disappeared the mighty ant empire from the face of this earth – its memories only remaining as part of folklore!


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