Soothsayers, Both

My brother was appearing for the final examinations of his master’s degree. He, along with a couple of friends, was staying at a common friend’s house for studies. The first paper did not go well and my brother decided not to appear for the others. When news came, my mother was very upset and immediately consulted her younger brother, who was very good astrologer. After studying his chart he said with conviction that her boy would pass even if he were to hand over a blank paper. All he had to do was to appear for the exam and hand in his paper with his examination roll number marked! My mother and I went to where was staying and she convinced him to appear for the remaining papers – not leaving them blank of course! What do you know, my brother passed!

May years later, under my guru’s guidance, I had also started reading cards. Once I was in Ahmedabad, when a friend’s daughter came with her son who was in the ninth grade then, to consult me. Of course only wanted to know about how he would fare in the forthcoming exams. Everything being clear, I just bragged like my maternal uncle had that he too would pass even if he were to leave the answer paper blank! My friend and his daughter were both aghast, the daughter telling me, “Uncle, what have you done! This boy will take advantage of what you’re saying and not study any more!” I just shrugged. A few months later, on my next visit, the boy saw me and came running to me. “Grandpa, you remember what you had predicted about my studies?” My heart sank, as he continued, “Well, grandpa, it happened exactly as you had predicted. There was earthquake in Gujarat on the day of the exams and so they were cancelled and all of us were promoted!!!”

God, I can’t fathom the ways you deal with things!


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