With 10 Donkeys, You Could Be King

My father consulted astrologers time and again, as he had great faith in them. Three of them were really very good – my maternal uncle, one of my father’s friends and our family priest. Once, the priest visited us. As usual, my father sat down with him and they started talking about the constellations, planets and all that hocus-pocus. Out of curiosity and also some interest, I also sat there and listened intently to what was being said.

A question came up as to what sort of planetary combinations makes one a king. Surely many people in this world would have the sort of combination in their birth charts for them to become kings!

The priest’s reply really set me thinking. He said, “Chinubhai (that was what my father was known as), dozens of people around the world may have the right combination, but that necessarily does not mean that they all will be kings. Just to cite an example, an ordinary earthen pot maker may own just one donkey to carry his loads, but another one from his own community might own ten donkeys, therefore making him the king! Atleast, within his village.”

Now hare-brained that I am, I surmised from the above that any person owning ten donkeys can rightfully ask to be addressed as “Your Majesty.” So folks, hurry to the local “Donkey Market” and get those ten donkeys. And never mind the pedigree before stocks dry out. I, your most humble servant, promise to address you as “Your Majesty!” …err, but only till your stocks last!


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