German Memoirs – Part 8

Dr.Jaeger, about whom I have written earlier, taught High Frequency Engineering to the guys who had opted for Telecommunications as their major. He was very fond of deriving mathematical formulae for his subject. After deriving every formula, he would give it a numerical number and encircle it. He was galloping as the semester progressed and in no time had reached about 80. His century was in sight! Now that was cause for celebration, so some ringleaders got together and decided to present him with a certificate for the occasion and ensure it was memorable in more ways than one. When D-Day came, a couple of boys cane dressed in frocks, bowler hats on their heads! Dr. Jaeger started in his usual fashion. When formula number 99 was derived, there was pin drop silence and everyone waited with bated breath for the great moment to arrive. It was not long in coming – the moment he encircled formula number 100, a tape recorder placed at the back of the class sounded a trumpet and started playing martial music, the class rose in applause and the ringleaders went over to him for the presentation ceremony. Dr. Jaeger grasped the situation and happily joined in the fun. Hearing all the commotion, the Director, Mr. Friem also came running to see what was happening and upon seeing what he did, was pleased no end.

Friends, where on earth would you find such professors who would let their students pull their legs and also be party to it? I am so happy and proud to say that I was a student of a great institution called Ohm Polytechnik. The years I spent there are about the finest in my life!dad



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