Sona’s anklets – Another Kiddy Story

Conceptualized and adapted from a Gujarati Ballet by Avinash Vyas

Sona, a sweet little child, lived in a small village with her doting grandmother. Her cute ponytail was her distinct identity. On returning from school one evening, she demanded to wear her silver anklets, the only treasure of the poor family. When her grandmother did not comply, Sona started sulking and sat in a dark corner of their hut, when the grandmother reasoned with her that the anklets could only be worn on special occasions. Sona told her that there was a dance competition in here school the next day and therefore wanted them, whereupon her grandmother immediately brought her her anklets which she wore happily, had dinner and fell asleep.

Gradually, a beautiful dream unfolded.

Sona was in a very beautiful garden with a lush, green lawn and a variety of flowers, trees and creepers. Excited as she was about the forthcoming competition, she started practicing the her dance there, moving from one flower to another, inhaling the fragrance of one, admiring the beauty of another.

She must have danced for quite a while, when she noticed that there was no jingling sound of the tiny bells attached to her anklets. When she bent down to look, she found there were no anklets on her feet! They were lost! Frantically, she searched for them every where, but to no avail . Then she turned to the flowers to ask them if they had seen them. But the neither the daffodils nor the zenias, the pansies or the sunflowers had. Sona panicked! What would she do in the competition without the anklets? And how would she face the wrath of her grandmother for having lost the priceless anklets? The little innocent child that she was, Sona started crying helplessly.

Just then, a miracle happened. The garden being so beautiful, was also a favorite spot of some fairies from heaven, who loved playing there. One such fairy noticed Sona and being kind hearted, approached her and enquired why she was crying. When the sobbing Sona narrated her sad story to the fairy, she just smiled and said she could help her. When the bewildered Sona asked how, the fairy explained that she would take her to fairyland where their kind queen would certainly present her with an exquisite pair of anklets. Sona was extremely happy to hear this and wiping her tears, readily grasped the fairy’s extended hand.

And so they started on the long, long journey to fairyland. As they started moving up, the clouds were the first to greet them – some dark, some white. Sona didn’t need an invitation, she just jumped on to them. Oh, they were so soft and fluffy and wooly! Wow, it was great fun rolling on them. The nearby wind was watching how this little girl was enjoying herself. Wanting to add to her fun and pleasure, he approached her and said, “Hi, Sona! What do you have there tucked into your skirt belt?” Sona had completely forgotten that while playing and dancing, she had picked up some reeds from the pond near the garden and tucked them in the skirt belt. Wind asked her to put one in her mouth and he started puffed in and out of the hollow of the reed, producing some divine music. Sona was simply overjoyed! This went on for quite a while, when the fairy gently nudged Sona and told her that they had better leave because they had a long way to go. Reluctantly, Sona bade goodbye to the clouds and wind.

They had not gone far when Sona saw seven sisters all dressed differently, standing besides each other and doing some sort of bending exercise! Oh, it’s the rainbow! Her childish mind could not resist the temptation of sliding down the rainbow, with the indulgent fairy looking on. Having had her fill, Sona thanked the seven sisters and resumed her journey to fairyland.

It was full moon night and the moon was shining bright. The fairy was also a bit tired, having carried Sona thus far, so she decided to rest a bit. And Sona? She was bathing in the moonlight! By the time she finished, she looked like a pretty fairy herself.

By now it was getting late. The fairy queen would soon be holding her court and they had to hurry lest they miss out on attendance, so the little fairy fluttered her wings very fast and carried Sona to her destination – fairyland.

A wide-eyed Sona entered the giant coronation hall. She had never seen such splendour anywhere: thick carpets with beautiful designs, tapestry made of materials unknown to her, huge chandeliers with tiny stars as their source of light and many ornamental objects placed discreetly on fancy pedestals.

Upon spotting Sona, the fairy queen immediately enquired who she was as she certainly did not belong to fairyland. When the little fairy told her Sona’s sad story and the purpose why she had brought her here, the queen immediately understood. She gestured to Sona to come close and then took her in her arms to comfort her. She then ordered some fairies to pluck out some stars and thread them together to prepare a nice set of anklets for Sona.

“Sona, Sona, get up! It’s morning, remember you have to go to school and perform there!” It was her grandmother who was trying to wake her up. Sona opened her eyes and first looked at her feet. Oh, the anklets were there alright! She realized it was all a beautiful dream and she excitedly and animatedly narrated the whole story to her grandma, who was very pleased.

With her grandmother’s blessings, Sona performed at school and came out the winner. She was handsomely rewarded and both she and her granny lived happily ever after.





8 thoughts on “Sona’s anklets – Another Kiddy Story

  1. I always love fairy tales and it is not lesser than that. The things that are precious for us always create the fear of losing them that is the result of that magical dream. Beautifully narrated the way to the fairy land and then the dream gets over and welcome her in the real world. Lovely magical read✌👍

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