Oh Schmidt!

In Germany, the surnames Mueller, Meyer and Schmidt are so common that in a lighter vein people say that they could feed pigs with them.

This joke is about a building housing practicing doctors with the above given names. By mistake, one patient landed up in the wrong doctor’s consulting room. The assistant asked him to undress and started the preliminaries. His poking finger invading his rectum made the patient quite uneasy, so when the doctor arrived, he asked, “Don’t you have an assistant with a longer fingers? My problem is with my throat!”


11 thoughts on “Oh Schmidt!

      • Yes. 😀
        It reminded me of a true story I heard few years ago. It was during my class 12 and we had career counseling. Morning session was for engineering and noon for medical. A doctor from a famous hospital was taking the medical session. He said “you know, being a doctor is not easy. You do a lot of dirty work. During my internship there was a patient who was suffering from constipation. We waited for two days to get a poo sample from him. Finally, I had to put my hand in and remove” 😂😂 I am sure after hearing this, many people had second thoughts about a career in medicine 😂😂

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