Suddenly, I felt as if I was totally paralyzed. I just could not move. My hands, feet, just about everything had gone totally numb. I tried to shout for help. To my horror, I had lost my speech too! I was perspiring profusely. Thinking the end was near, I remembered God. Perhaps He would help! But then again I thought, why would He want to help me? What had I done in my long life spanning eight and a half decades to please Him? Nothing, just nothing. Helplessly, I just lay there, resigned to my fate.

For quite a while, darkness prevailed. Then I felt energy entering my limbs. I could move my hands, legs, everything. Out of sheer joy, I started dancing, running, jumping and even performing acrobatic feats even circus artistes could never dream of! My voice had also returned.

Whereas in real life, I can at best bay like a donkey, here I was singing away to glory! My songs would put even the singing legends like Tansen, Enrico Carusso and others to shame! I could hear the spontaneous applause for my acrobatics and the encores for my songs. I could even see the standing ovation given to me. I was really intrigued just how was all this possible?

The dream broke and reality dawned! God was practicing his skills at puppetry and ventriloquy on me!!!


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