An Armada of Invading Lilliputians

It was a dark night. I was restless pacing up and down tired I pulled up an armchair and put it in the balcony just to enjoy the sound of waves coming from the vast expanse of sea, just in front of me. The cool breeze lulled me to doze off.

Suddenly, I saw a huge patch of light in the distance. At first, I thought it to come from plankton in the sea, which is quite common in our part of the world. But this was different. Normally, light from the plankton has a greenish hue, but this one was certainly different. My curiosity aroused, I kept a watch on this. The light was gradually coming nearer. Having been an ex-naval commander, I quickly brought out my field glasses and focused. My jaw dropped at what I saw. Hundreds of tiny ships, more like paper boats, swarming with creatures just like us humans! Dwarfs perhaps? I ran down the stairs and made for the sea. Without any further thought, I took a plunge and started swimming in that direction. Nearing them, I could hear their voices and understand their language! They were from Lilliput!!! How did I understand their language? Was I a present day incarnation of Gulliver? I was very scared at the thought of them trying to invade us. With their primitive bows and arrows and lances, they would be no match for us and would be wiped out in no time. No, I could not let this happen. I thought must do something to stop this madness I loved these Lilliputians from the bottom of my heart for the love and affection they had given me in another life – as the original Gulliver – but I need not have worried; they were equally surprised (and happy, too) that a giant was speaking their language and appeared to be quite friendly. It turned out that they had come not to invade but to seek refuge because their kingdom was swallowed by a huge tsunami. Grasping the gravity of the situation, I quickly managed to bring them ashore and under the cover of darkness smuggled them into my house. I just about managed this before dawn broke and before snoopy neighbours could get wind of them. This done, I enquired about the people from Blefuscu, their sworn enemy. With a huge sigh and sadness in their eyes, they said that Blefuscu was totally wiped out and the few survivors had reached Lilliput in time to join these refugees about to set sail. The two kingdoms had long since buried their hatchet and were living in peace and friendship. A thought crossed my mind as to when us giants will ever learn to live in peace and love with one another, irrespective of race, religion or colour.

I soon realized that I would not be able to give refuge to all these Lilliputians; forget snoopy neighbours or the wily politicians, but what if some sort of a viral disease struck them? No, I had to find some way to see to it that they founded another kingdom somewhere. I started my search through Google and identified a suitable uninhabited island in an ocean.

When I broached the subject, neither their majesties the king and the queen, nor some of the nobles were happy about relocating, but were ultimately convinced and nodded in reluctant assent, although they still had their doubts about how I was going to resettle them in the new kingdom? What about infrastructure, housing, transport, communication and many other facilities? And just how was I going to bring them to New Lilliput? Remember, they told me, time was short and I was the only person to execute the plan, so I reminded them how the original Gulliver had single-handedly captured the entire armada of Blefuscu, and they thought yes, perhaps I could do it.

The next day, I went to some children’s shops to buy assembly blocks for houses, toy trains with sufficient tracks to lay across their proposed cites, bridges to span their tiny rivers, rubber inflated artificial lakes and what have you! Their majesties were immensely pleased and overawed on seeing my capabilities!

I had a huge, previously bought-and-stored troop transport plane from surplus stocks of U.S. air forces after World War II. I also held a valid pilots license and so as soon as I was ready, I smuggled all these so called refugees along with the boxes of equipment I had purchased for setting up New Lilliput.

I started the engines and we took off. Upon reaching our destination, there was joy all round. But I still had work to do. After building houses, laying railway lines and completing building an entire township, I lay down exhausted, but extremely happy .

It was time to leave. My heart was sad but I had to go. The entire population of the new kingdom of Lilliput, headed by their majesties had turned up for the farewell. Just as the engines started, a huge cheer rented the air, “Hanikeh Golpan!” meaning “Goodbye and come again!”

Gulliver II was dozing in his armchair when he was rudely awakened by a shrill shout from the kitchen, “It is eight clock in the morning. Are you coming for breakfast or shall I wind up everything?”

Gulliver II meekly followed orders!!!






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