Death’s Antidote

An attempted translation of Niranjan Bhagat’s original:

How many deaths have I seen!
How many relatives, friends,
Near and dear ones,
young and old, have I lost!

If my life is rich today,
It is because of their love.
Love, in this mortal world,
Is the only antidote to death.

I will not say
That I have lost them all,
For they always in my memories
Will dwell.

Some younger friends still survive.
Whose love continues to flourish
For what remains of my life.
I know not why the Lord loves me so much!




2 thoughts on “Death’s Antidote

  1. Death as a subject brings out so many emotions. Inspite of it’s inevitability, we are seldom prepared for it – the ones on their last legs and ones who know they are about to lose someone. Nice composition!


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