For quite some time now, dreams have been bugging me! They just trespass my domain at any time of their choice and quite often, unless of course they are sweet, they are unwelcome guests.

I have tried to shut all the doors and windows of my house, but somehow these creatures manage to make their entry. Nevertheless, I wonder what element they are made of? I have often tried to scan the sky to trace the path they might be taking, but all in vain, since billions of us must be dreaming daily, er nightly. I have often wondered how they find the right address. Can they not be waylaid or stolen?

Now, when we humans can’t find an answer, we attribute everything to God. Ah! So it is our dear Mr. God who is behind all these billions of dreams to be sent across the world and not one to goes to the wrong person address? His distributing agencies must surely be working overtime and to think that all of this is for free!!! Doesn’t make any business sense to me! Oh well, He is the overlord of the universe and can afford to be benevolently charitable. We humans are too clever and all we need to utter is, “I love you God” and presto, his largesse flows! Rascals that we are! But before the dreams can be dispatched, they have to be produced or manufactured. No two dreams seem to be identical. Goodness! Where does He get all the ideas from for different topics and scenarios and the like?

That is not all; He has to produce a little more than demand to provide for exigencies, so that calls for some warehouses to store them. And what do you think He does with the dreams that have already been dreamt? Scrap them! No way! How can He be so cruel? His benevolence knows no bounds. Instead, he preserves them on chips to be stored in weather-controlled warehouses so that they do not gather dust or whatever material that may corrode them. And He is smart too, you know, on demand he may rerun a few of them.

I have heard that the animals dream, too! Now what would God have for them? They certainly won’t be impressed by pretty princesses and knights in shining armour! Dogs no doubt dream about juicy bones and long walks, but do mosquitoes really dream about sucking your blood? And what about birds and bees? Aah, a snorting stud bull is trying to indicate that he would prefer other sorts of greener pastures to dreams about, naughty chap that!

Oh, goodness! It is well past midnight and I am too tired to continue and would just like to hit the bed. Good night, Mr. God. I hope you have something sweet in store for me tonight!




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