Insanity is Contagious

Lately, my mind has not found any peace. It is being bombarded by all sorts of questions, and inane, nonsensical thoughts and ideas. After retiring from active life, which was about two decades ago, I have only been twiddling thumbs. Well, the body can rest but what about the mind? Not knowing even the elementaries of yoga, the mind is restless. I try to talk about these crazy thoughts ideas to anyone who would care to lend an ear.

Sample this: we say that God is the creator. Of course, He is, but tell me whether the birds or bees or bugs know this?!! Do they have any religion? Who do they follow? Christ, Moses, Prophet Mohammad or Brahma, Vishnu or Mahesh? Perhaps their preference may be for a goddess? And where do they go for prayers? Any church, temple, or mosque? Do they have their own ordained preachers or maulvis or pujaris to conduct their religious ceremonies? Silly, isn’t it, to take the matter further! I don’t think they are fussy about their nationalities, as they move freely crossing frontiers without any valid travel documents. Which reminds me about the proposed wall to be built between Mexico and the USA. I do not think that it will be high enough to prevent Mexican bees from illegally migrating to the US. I shudder to think about the catastrophe that will befall America with millions of Mexican worker bees taking away jobs from American bees. Forget humans, now Mexican bees will render American bees jobless! What audacity! What an affront to the mighty United States! All American nectar, made into Hispanic honey! Something that Mr Trump should act upon forthwith! Ha!

You know, even my own family gets tired of all this and thinks I have gone nuts and despite my protestations that I am perfectly normal, have made me see a shrink.

Well, I did have a few sittings with him. Then strangely, I was not getting dates for further appointments and last heard, the shrink himself was under treatment in a mental asylum, thanks to this patient!!!


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