Kaka & Cricket – 2

Kaka was a popular fictional character and the subject of many a joke in Gujarat, India in the ’60s. Supposed to be a middle aged, rustic, and down to earth man, he was brazen in his views and outspoken. Here’s another –

Prior to the beginning of the cricket world cup, captains of the participating teams had gathered at the bar to have a friendly drink together. Kaka, the India captain, was a teetotaller and happy with his lemon juice. After a couple of drinks, the talk turned to fast bowling, when the English captain said, “Just watch out for our guy. When he comes out to bowl with a run up of 18 paces and at 140km/hr, he will be difficult to face!”

Whereupon the Aussie captain pooh-poohed him saying,”Our guy has a run up of 20 paces and bowls at 145km/hr!”

Not to be outdone, the Windies captain said, “Oh and to think what will happen to the batsmen when our chappie, who has a start of 24 paces and bowls at 160km/hr comes on!”

But when it came to bragging rights, Kaka was not to be outdone. Listening to all this, he had surmised that the longer the run up the faster one could bowl!

So he just said,”Wait till my boy comes on to bowl. He will just break the stumps and the bails will fly over the boundary line.”

“Oh really? How fast does he bowl?” enquired the other captains.

“Well, I don’t know! The boy has just taken the ball and gone to start his run-up. When he’s back, you will know!”


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