Inanity & Insanity

Goodness! The confusion prevailing in my mind still continues. I had thought that after passing on my “insanity” to the shrink I’d mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I would have some peace of mind. But no way! Now, I am troubled by some more inane thoughts or ideas or whatever.

You know, as I was trying to say my prayers the other day, instead of concentrating on Him, the first thought that came to mind was how long would it take the prayer to reach Him?

Now, the obvious answer to this would be in an instant. But how do we measure the speed of this instant? At this particular point of time, He could be sitting some zillions of light years away, or He could be right next door, so are both the instants the same? And if He is some millions or zillion light years away and my prayer stumbles on some hurdle or hurdles, then will it reach Him at all during my life time or will I have to be reborn again and again till my original prayer reaches?

Also, I am quite sure there will be millions of others praying to Him at any given instant, so if all their prayers were to reach him in an instant, whose prayers will He dispense with first? And then do the others stand in a queue?

Knowing full well that no one in this world will ever be able to give me any satisfactory or plausible answer to my unending inane questions, I thought of seeking the answers from the greatest shrink of them all – all in my imagination, of course. So, on an appointed day and hour, I met Him when he was holding court. After giving me a patient hearing, He just said, “child, you are not even at the kindergarten stage and you want to know about the mysteries of the universe that I created? Your mind is not evolved or developed enough to grasp anything that I might try and explain to you.” OK, so when would or could that be? “Umm, let’s say after a few thousand birth cycles at the earliest.”

At that very moment, all my inane questions seemed to leave me just as air escapes from a punctured tyre, so forget enlightenment, I realized even my sainthood was nowhere near!



6 thoughts on “Inanity & Insanity

  1. Bravo! Please visualise me giving you a standing ovation on this. Just so brilliant! The theme, the flow, the punches, the diction, the style, mixing of science and spirituality..this was a brilliant concoction!!

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