Of Beautiful Bolts & Flashes of Femininity

I often wonder if lightning is sky’s tempestuous wife? How often do we see her leaving her home in a flash and landing on earth with a bang, as if earth were her parental home where she could always return and sulk? (By the way, many Indian wives do this at the drop of a hat whenever they have an argument with the hubby!)

However, lighting also seems to be a very faithful wife because she always seems to return to the sky quietly and unknown to anyone, once her anger subsides, only to return once again with a crash at the slightest provocation!

And this guy – the sky – seems to be a very jealous and suspicious husband because he always seems to hide his celestial beauty somewhere so that other ogling eyes may not see her. Is her anger because she wants to show off her beauty to the worldand feels restrained?



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