Indian Cheese, Anyone?

The year was 1938, the occasion my cousin sister’s wedding. My uncle had decided to celebrate this on a grand scale and had invited a large number of invitees to dinner. Among them, some German business associates for whom this was the first wedding that they were attending in India.

As was the tradition, dinner was served on plantain leaves, was purely vegetarian and as was to be expected, very spicy.

After nibbling at a few items, one of the poor German guests, tears running down his eyes noticed a yellow piece of something and promptly put it in his mouth. All the Indian guests sitting nearby were aghast! Thinking it to be a piece of cheese, the German guest had just chewed on a cake of soap kept there for use to wash hands after dinner, as was the custom!


10 thoughts on “Indian Cheese, Anyone?

  1. The soap was kept on the plantain leaf? Gosh! What an experience.

    I remember my cousin drinking karela juice (which was stored in an empty Ribena bottle for my diabetic grandmother) thinking it was apple juice! That expression!!


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