Prose & Poetry

Sky, Be Grateful – as a short passage and in poetic form

Don’t you think that sky should be grateful to its permanent residents – the sun, the moon, the stars and the clouds – for without them it cannot bask in any glory of its own?

Let’s come straight to the point. On a full moon night, we see the moon and admire its beauty. Who gives a damn about the sky, which forms its backdrop? On a daily basis, we we appreciate the sunrise and the sunset, the sky remains unsung in the background. On a dark night, it is the stars that take our breath away, not the velvety underlay. And without the clouds, where would the sky be? They are the moody ones; whereas the sun, moon and stars are happy to stay in one place, the clouds keep on changing residence as they please. To me, they are the gypsies of the heavens.

Imagine a sky bereft of these occupants! Would anyone even care to look at the empty sky?


Sky be not proud
You are basking only in reflected glory
For I can tell the real story

The sun, moon, stars
And clouds, not to forget
To them you owe your entire debt

Permanent residents that they are
And living for free
But in return, giving everything in charity

The sunrise, the sunset
They take our breath away
Does anyone care to look your way?

And that for which lovers and poets swoon
Full moon once every 28th night
Who bothers about your plight?

A starry dark night
Is always a delight
No one thinks of having you in sight

The soft, wooly clouds, wandering at will all over space
Gypsies they are, with surreal grace
Without their color and beauty
What, indeed what, would the sky be?






10 thoughts on “Prose & Poetry

  1. Finally, a poem giving clouds the credit they deserve. Both forms are quite effective here, I think the poetry feels more alive when you can seamlessly move between prose and verse like this and the meaning is still retained. Excellent!


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