Prayers for Gandhiji, 1944

As our 70th Independence Day nears, I am reminded of the fast undertaken by Mahatma Gandhi in 1944 when he was imprisoned at Yerwada Jail in Poona. His health was failing and there was strict censorship against giving any news pertaining to him. I was still in school then and most schools prayed for him daily, imploring God to spare his life.

One smart Guajarati newspaper – Janmabhoomi – found a novel way to inform its readers about his health. They would print an image of an earthen lamp showing a burning wick, to inform readers that the light had not yet gone out!

Well, Gandhiji survived and the Government had to give in. He was released from jail unconditionally.

I am reproducing here two of the prayers – one in Hindi, the author (poet) unknown to me, and the other one in Gujarati penned and composed practically overnight by Mr. Pinakin Trivedi, a true Gandhian and a teacher at the New Era School in Bombay. I hope they strike a chord in fellow Indian bloggers of my generation. Whereas the Hindi prayer will be understood by many, I regret my inability to translate the other one which is in Gujarati. Perhaps some fellow blogger can do this?


Aaj Hamare Mohan Ko
Jeevandaan Aur Bala Pradan Ho
Aaj Hamare Mohan Ki
Kurbani Na Ho, Barbadi Na Ho
Aaj Hamare Mohan Ko
Jeevanadaan Aur Bala Pradan Ho
Jagdish Se Binat Hai
Yeh Hindki Dhara Bhi
Azad Ho, Abaad Ho
Swadesh Jan Prem Se
Mohan Chir Ayu Ho
Balidan Na Ho



Eni Jivan Jyot Jwalant Raho
Jeno Rakshanhar Sadaay Hari
Enu Mangal Chintan Nitya Kari
Enay Charan Badha Um Poonya Dhari
Kariye Prarthna Veer Amar Raho

Jeno Atam Suraj Ajwaley
Ghan Ghor Maran No Bhay Taley
Tapvi Tanu Jagna Agh Baley
Vaishnav Jan Bapu Amar Raho

Jena Romey Romey Raam Ramey
Jene Charney Sajjan Shish Namey
Kariye Kaklaan Pukari Amey
Um Vachche Mohan Amar Raho




2 thoughts on “Prayers for Gandhiji, 1944

  1. Where is today’s Gandhi? Whether in India, the US, anywhere in the world?

    And another question – does he still have salience in today’s times?

    Yet another question – if it was another power that ruled us, one with a lesser sense of “fair play and decency” than the British, would his ways have worked, or would a more forceful Subhash Chandra Bose-type have been more needed?

    But, a great man & a principled apostle of non violence, for sure!

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  2. There is no Gandhi anywhere in todays world. Such a soul treads this world perhaps
    once in a thousand years. I have no answer to your question regarding Bose. He
    certainly was agreat leader but Gandhi was Gandhi and I consider myself to be
    fortunate to have been born in his era. I still treasure the memories of the few prayer
    meetings that I have Birla House and Juhu beach.


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