Happy Birthday, Kunal

My dear son,

As I sit and write this, my mind goes back to that night of 9th November 1964, when I was sitting on the wooden bench in the waiting room of Harkisondas Hospital, awaiting the arrival of my second child. I remember the lady doctor attending on your mother, coming and reassuring me and my telling her that I too was normal.

Then came the news of the birth of a baby boy – the first male child in our family after me. You can only imagine how happy your grandfather was since you were his first grandson after the birth of four granddaughters. You have experienced how doting he was and the numerous postcards and letters he sent to you – even when abroad – are a testimony to this.

I remember your childhood years. You were simply brilliant in studies and excelled in other activities as well. That particular event, when as a child of about six years your drawing depicting the arrival of an aircraft, won you a prize in inter-school competition, will forever remain etched in my memory.

After school, there were some years of trials and tribulations which too were overcome. You will not believe this but your time in the USA for doing your Masters was the most difficult one for me. I was missing you so much that I was literally striking off each day in the personal diary I kept, unknown to others. You may call me sentimental but I have always been like that.

Well Kunal, I do not want to go on and on like this and suffice to say that I am extremely happy and proud of the progress that you have made standing on your own legs.

Wish you all success and happiness in the years to come. May god always be with you.

Have a great day.

Love you son.



18 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kunal

  1. This is some very special! How much happier the world would be if more fathers & mothers could show their love for their children like this! A letter like this may be something of beauty now but its inherent power lies in the positive and enduring influence it contains. Beautiful share! Shared on Create Space.

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