Nature’s Gift

The smile on your face,

is the gift bestowed upon you,

by nature.

If you can bring,

the same smile,

upon someone else’s face,

it will be,

your return gift,

……….To Nature.

( By Mahendra Dalal)



It’s “GANI” all the way (V).

(1)  Entering my heart,

they both did not find any peace;

Pardon me o wound,

Pain please excuse.


(2)  Those who find me in a storm,

The fault seems to be with their sight,

My boat is rocking,

It is the sea that is in distress.


(3)  How would  the world know?

That  the poetry that is on paper to-day,

was just a heartbeat yesterday.


(4) Do not peep into this show of darkness,

You might get burns;

from the extinguished lamp.

We are standing on the stage,

With yellow lights on;

Should we even trip,

That too will go for an act!


It’s “GANI” all the way (IV).

(1)  You consider my life to be darkness?

That’s fine.

Fireflies twinkle in darkness.


(2) The Simpleton that is Dawn,

It has no self respect,

For, it is darkness,

That gives it birth everyday.


(3) Whenever I see someones love,

in a saddened heart

I see a Dawn,

hiding in the womb,

of a pregnant night.


(4) When I compared your heart,

with a stone,

The Mountain was moved.

And its tears flowed,

in the form of rivulets.


It’s “GANI” all the way (III)

(1) Millions of salutations to you,

O dear Life,

That you completed such a tortuous life!

(2) Thousands of suns have I seen rise and set,

To every dawn I have asked,

will today be any different?

(3) It is only faith,

which leads one to destination,

doubts are the thorns,

in the traveller’s path.

(4) The clouds of torture,

completely transformed it,

the prayer that went up the sky,

came down as a curse!

(5) O you, toying with life,

You will weep one day.

Stupid! this toy of yours,

will be lost at play one day.

(6) These semblance of flowers,

have bloomed in the wilderness,

Looks like a grave,

But the existence is not buried!


It’s “GANI” all the way (II)

(1) Along with the arrival of love,

sorrow also entered my heart.

(2) Feel like putting my trust in someone today,

Life can thus take someone’s support

Just like when thousands of waves empty themselves,

the shore relieves sea’s load.

(3) That redness in the eye.

was the intoxication of youth,

wine was  unnecessarily blamed!

(4) Receiving someone at dusk,

the heart asked,

What? Did the dawn come from west?!

(5) In life’s ocean, enjoy the storms at mid-sea,

The boat will sink, should it come ashore.

(6) How cruel I am; realized now,

that I saw the sufferings of this world,

but felt pity for only the self!

It’s “GANI” all the way (I)


( 1) Desert sand does not give up its  childishness yet,

Wind chases it, and it runs!

(2) We wept as we knew best,

Sad episodes, how would you now show?

(3) Forget what you have spent

in this journey of life,

Now just toss the coins,

of your remaining breaths.

(4) The flowers have developed a sweat on hearing

that the fragrance pervading in the garden,

originated in thorns!

(5) That old age should receive punishment,

for the deeds of carefree youth is not just;

When the storm was at mid- sea,

why should the shore be dragged in?

(6) Since I learnt to read the language of  heart,

any book that I peruse,

seems to be telling my story!