Dear Mr. Assistant

In October 1963, I, alongwith my colleague Mr. Jhaveri, undertook a long business trip which would literally take us round the world. We reached Los Angeles via Japan and were hosted by my friend, Dileep Parikh and his gracious American wife, Isabelle.

In those days foreign exchange was very hard to come by for us Indians and the Government was very stingy releasing it. Even before we set out we knew that the exchange allotted to us was not going to be enough for our 90 Day journey. Our Travel Agent, the wily old fox that he was, knew how to circumvent such situations and gave us a draft letter to be dispatched to the Government of India after reaching U.S.A. stating the difficulties faced by us and requesting release of additional foreign exchange.

Well, just as I was asking Dileep to help me get that letter typed on my company’s letterhead, the real Hero of this article, Robert Wenzel, made his entry. Welcome Bob. By the way, Bob was Dileep’s friend. Upon hearing my story, he promptly agreed to type that letter himself and bring it to me the next day.

As promised, he came the next day and handed an envelope to me. While I was thanking him profusely  for his help, he politely suggested to have a look at the letter, just in case something was amiss.

When I started reading it, I just could not contain myself.

Bob’s GENIUS was at work! Read on:letter

Now, tell me frankly, if you were the Assistant Controller, wouldn’t you have liked to join me in Paris? Asking me for a rendezvous point? Surely you must be joking.Where else but PLACE PIGALLE!!!




Sunday Breakfast Special

Last Sunday I was having a leisurely breakfast, poring through newspapers when I suddenly felt some presence near me. Oh, it was the Lord himself, funny chap he is for sure. He never ever reveals Himself, but is always at my beck and call whenever I think of him and never tires of listening to my inanities with that ever indulgent smile. Poor cha,p must be having a tough time dealing with an idiot like me.

Ah, to come back to point, yes, I was surprised to find Him near me, but then realized that it being a Sunday, it was the day off for Him, with not a care in this world, sorry universe. He just chose to pay me a surprise visit. So, I being a good host tried to offer Him the chair next to me but He indicated that He wanted to have a heart to heart talk with me! Well then, the right place for Him would have to only be in my heart. Point taken, but then what transpired between the hearts, I do not have a clue because smart alec that He is, He had ensured that not a whit of what was going on went to the mind.

“Now will you finish your breakfast or just sit wide eyed on the table? I still have to do the dishes…,” asked my wife, shaking me out of my trance.

A smile on my face, I left everything as it was – my day was made!


Gani Dahiwala again –

Only my unwavering faith

Guided me to my destination.

When I had lost my path,

The directions changed.


From  Poet  Ghazal –

I too smell sweet

Just try and inhale my essence

My mind may not be a flower

But has a fragrance of its own


Source Unknown –

You may change a thousand mirrors

Still, you will look the same

You may own an entire garden

But you cannot control

The fragrance that emanates from its flowers


A  Joke –

After completing the last rites of his wife, a man was returning home, when suddenly lightning struck, accompanied by thunder.

Looking heavenward, the man uttered, “looks like she has already reached her new home!!!”





Hubby and wifey had a habit of keeping monthly accounts to balance the household budget. At the end of the month, the hubby looked into the register of daily expenses :

Day                      Amount                        Items
1                           Rs.500                           G.K.

2                           Rs.1,000                        G.K.

3                           Rs.2,000                        G.K.

The surprised husband to his wife – “honey, it’s all very good to want to improve your General Knowledge, but today, there’s google, why do you need to spend so much money?”

“Dear, I’m not the fool you think I am!”

Confused, the man asked, “So what is this GK?”

“Oh, it only means, God Knows!”