Happy New YEAR

Wishing All Fellow Bloggers a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.




Some more pearls.

Seeing my anger,

Do not be scared.

Flowers do not leave behind,

any stains.


I have a big library of books.

But cannot say,

which book,

belongs to which part,

of which tree.

Thanks to these books,

I am always surrounded by trees!



Amthalal —– A Skit.

Lately, I have been reminiscing about my childhood days. Then, i.e. between  1939

and 1943, ours was a group of about 20 boys and girls, who used to perform on the

terrace of our building once every year to showcase our talents to our parents and

elders. It did not cost anyone a penny. The terrace floor was our stage. Whatever we

had in our cupboards served as costumes, there were no curtains. The audience sat

on carpets or mattresses. There were no chairs. There was no Director or a Program

Manager. We on our own decided as to who will perform what? Our older siblings

did help though with their advice. There was a structure on the terrace, one side of

which served as the wing from which the performers made their entry and exit.

The shrill notes of an alarm clock  announced the beginning of the show.

The show had to be held in daylight because no arrangements for lighting could

be made. And ah, there was no musical accompaniment! None of us could play

any instrument!!! But then rhythm was in our blood. Most of us could sing and

dance rhythmically. Talking about rhythm, as an aside, I must say that,

over the years, I have found that Africans or those of African origin,

understand the finer nuances of rhythm the best. This of course is my personal

opinion. In our group was a girl named Ranjan, immensely talented, who in

later years performed on International Stages. She was one of the four

Jhaveri Sisters , who made the “MANIPURI” dance form very popular.

Our shows continued till 1943 when they came to an abrupt end. Some of

our stars shifted residence and our building was purchased by a new

landlord, who denied us access to the terrace. For your information,

none of us was even 14 years old then.

Now, it’s about time I told you about Amthalal, the hero of the Skit.


Amthalal is a stone deaf villager and a simpleton to boot.

He is sitting outside his hut when the postman arrives, a postcard in hand.

“Amthalal,……Amthalal,….Amthalaaal”, he shouts.  Amthalal gets up with a start

and exclaims: “Did anyone call me?” Whereupon the postman faces him and

Shows him the postcard. Amthalal being unlettered, he reads it out to him.

It says that his father-in-law, living in a nearby village is unwell.

Now, as a matter of courtesy, Amthalal should visit him, but simpleton that he is,

he doesn’t know how to handle the situation. After a great deal of thinking,

he hits upon the idea of framing some questions in his mind, which he would

ask his F.i.L. Obviously, the replies would be positive,…..or so he thought!

Ah, and should I get a chance, I will also inquire about my wife Amthi,

who has gone there to look after her father.

Thus armed, Amthalal sets off to see his ailing F.i.L.

Seeing him, the F.i.L. lets out a sigh, knowing  that this simpleton can only

bring trouble. Not noticing anything, Amthalal cheerfully shoots out his first question;

“How are you?”

F.i.L.(sarcastically): Here I am, lying on my death bed.

Amthalal (without having taken in a word):

“Ah, that is great news, I had expected to hear as much1”

“And what’s for your dinner tonight?”

F.i.L.: “What should I eat? Dust and Ash?”

Amthalal: “Just the right meal for you. Easy to digest and tasty too!”

His F.i.L. was already boiling within himself, but without noticing

anything Amthalal continued: “And where do you sleep?”

F.i.L.: “Where else but the crematorium!”

Amthalal: “How nice! Very airy and with plenty of sunlight!”

By now the F.i.L. was about to explode, but Amthalal carried on merrily:

“Under whose treatment are you?”

F.i.L.: “Who else but Yama?” (God of Death as per Hindu scriptures)

Amthalal: “I say he is the best one available. Those who visit him, get

cured permanently!”

This was the last straw on the camel’s back. His F.i.L. could take no more.

He shouted: “Someone please take this idiot out of my sight before he drives me

insane!” At this, Amthalal was thrown out of the hut without his realizing what

wrong he had done to suffer this humiliation. Forget meeting Amthi, he did not

even get a wink of her. Poor Chap!!!


P.S. – I played the role of Amthalal in this skit and my friend Anant, that of my F.i.L.






(1)  Where do I find the means to please her?

There being no reason, for her to sulk.

In love, only I was destined to be punished,

because I had committed the crime,

of giving my heart to her.

(2)  Finding me cheerful,

Do not wonder, my well wishers,

For, I have discovered

a new way……to weep.


(3)  Let the darkness of night,

remain for a while

on the screen of my heart.

My beautiful dream will be broken,

should dawn arrive.



All in Jest.

(1) In a veterinary college, practical lessons in Animal Husbandry were underway.

Two young ladies were asked to lead a cow to the Stud Bull for mating.

After a very long time, they both returned, totally exhausted,

panting, clothes torn and their bodies full of muck and told the startled Professor:

Sir, despite our best efforts, we just could not get the cow to lie on her back!!!

(2) This handsome young Doctor was taking a stroll in the Park along with his wife

when a beautiful chick crossed their path. She seemed to know the Doctor and

gave a broad smile. The Doctor also seemed to recognize her, and nodded in return.

Upon noticing the suspicious face of his wife, he just said:Oh, I just know her professionally.  But of course, said the wife.The only question is: In whose profession

do you know her, YOURS or HERS?!!!

(3)  Two big storks were bragging about their achievements!

Now I only carry Babies weighing more than eight pounds to the world

said one.    Big deal, retorted the other. I only carry Twins or Triplets or the

like to the world. Single babies are not for me. A young stork, standing nearby,

had heard their stories and was trying to hide when one of the bigger storks confronted

him and said: Now little fellow,let’s hear about your doings.

Oh, I am still too young and not strong either. I cannot carry an eight pound baby

forget the twins and triplets. Surely you must have had something to your credit said one

of the bigger storks condescendingly.  Yes, all I achieved was to scare a young unmarried

girl  for one month by threatening her, saying: I am coming, I am coming!!!