Gani’s Nine Jewels

(1)  How many seek out the sun at high noon?

(2) Let me live in false hope.

For if mirages disappear, what will happen to the desert?

(3) Those wishing wisdom in youth

Should understand this:

The atmosphere at noon

is different from that prevailing in the evening.

(4) Inquisitiveness for the sake of it, makes no sense.

Does darkness ask where light is?

(5) A simple flute

Took its revenge

for having been pierced.

By letting out a melody

which pierced a million hearts!

(6) Should hope die,

Then, O life,

you may live on, but I will not.

For, when the boat sinks,

The captain does not make it ashore.

(7) O Nightingale!

Have you ever been placed

in a situation

Where you have the voice,

But cannot sing?

(8) Flower buds have the wealth of fragrance in their fists.

The moment they open their fingered petals,

The treasure starts escaping!

(9) If something were to happen to all the madmen,

Where will madness go?




Some crazy thoughts…

(1) Signboard at a mirage oasis:


(2)  One summer afternoon,

I was sweating so heavily,

that I wondered whether my shadow was, too?


Forgive me, O mother!

Forgive me, O mother earth,

I was flying high in the sky,

In the futile flights of imagination.

When lightning struck your body,

I took it for New Year’s fireworks,

The tears your eyes were shedding,

Looked like monsoon showers.

I was lost in the clouds.

Forgive me, O mother earth,

I heard my brethren scream,

Took it to be your musical stream.

Hunger awoke and fires broke,

Your heart burnt and lava flowed,

I was then romancing the moon!

Forgive me, O mother earth,

Saw false dreams while awake,

Did not pay you my debt,

Imagination overran facts,

Collected stones; ignoring gems,

I was in the garden of stars.

Forgive me, O mother earth,

My sight has returned from the skies today,

My lips kiss your dust,

Reality has dawned.

Believe me when I say,

I am now not the one,

Who in imagination’s embrace lay.

Forgive me, O mother earth!

Another poem by Gani Dahiwala.


Glimpses of “Gani”

(1) Futile are the efforts,

To rid this earth of tears;

For this earth itself is a tear,

shed by some eye.

(2) Prayers for eternal life;

Turned to curses for thorns,

Thank God, flowers do not last long!

(3) When the sea distances itself,

A mirage replaces it.

And a mirage it is, and not the real sea,

For, the freshwater of life,

can not turn salty!

(4) If someones feelings were to flow like a brook,

I will gladly be swept away like a straw.

(5) Just bring down that arrogant sky,

Whose pride knows no bounds.


Gani Dahiwala hardly had any formal education, but he has immensely enriched
Gujarati literature by his writings, bless his soul.



A Trio

(1) You know not how to imbibe,

O’ silly mind mine,

For, where exists any  substance,

which is not wine?!

(This one is by “GHAYAL”).

(2) Where are the mirrors,

Which reflect our tears?

Where are the relationships,

Which understand without prompts?

(Source unknown).

(3) Take every step in life with total preparedness

and self-confidence, because, where we are not present,

our deeds and misdeeds invariably record their presence.

(By Mahendra Dalal).