An attempted translation of Ghayal

Someone still seems to be fluttering in my eyes

Someone still seems to be coyly spreading her fragrance

Despite the physical separation,

It seems someone is still flowing through my veins




From Mahendra Dalal

It is okay if your forehead shows wrinkles,

But be sure to iron out those creases in your thoughts, daily,


A lamp, whether earthen or golden, is not important,

How much light it gives, is.

Likewise, a friend, whether rich or poor, is not important,

How much he is of help in times of need, is.

Who a person is, is not important,

But what he is, is important.




Come, let’s visit our wounds
To know who in this world
Is standing there
And whether they hold salt or balm
In their palms

How can others relieve me of my burden?
When I am carrying their pain and sorrows?

Destiny, are these lines or cracks in my palms
That I live in this world with broken dreams?

Thinking, better in company then alone,
Started out on an unknown trek,
With my beloved,
In search of God.

I welcomed her with a smile.
She abandoned me with one.
Disillusioned, I went onward.

Should I reach heaven,
I will tell everyone,
Do not go to this world,
Born as humans.