Awakening today, I felt strangely strong and fit

After my first few unsteady, wobbly steps

Instead of sitting down as I am wont to do

I felt like running with the gazelles

And locking horns with a bull

Intrigued by this sudden surge of energy, quite frightening

I checked my medicine chest

Only to discover that instead of my vitamins

I had swallowed lightning



28 thoughts on “MAGIC PILLS

  1. Reblogged this on pins & ashes and commented:
    When an expression triggers a thought!

    Locking horns was merely another expression until tonight. There were two bulls, fighting. Horn to horn. They stood on the road locking their horns, fighting with each other…they pushed each other against the lampposts, street lights, the railings of the pavements.. into the near by trees. I wish I could explain the action, I wish I could explain the force and the anger we witnessed tonight. I wish I could relay to you a running commentary of the fight!

    Let me try again… two bulls, one black, one white.

    The black bull seemed moody for a while as it stood on the road, waiting… but none of us cared until the fight began. It began all of a sudden in the shadows on the opposite side of the road. The reluctant cyclist was right about the bull. He was a little intimidated about crossing the bull on his way somewhere. He rode a little ahead and came back with some information. There was another bull he said a little ahead and by now, he was willing to go elsewhere.

    The fight started all of a sudden. When I say, pure raw power.. I mean just that.. pure raw wild power of bulls. However, they fought by rules. They had their moments of pushing and pulling, they also had their moments of breaks when they just stood there to catch their breadth.

    To add to the action, a herd of younger cows came along… It seemed like a kabaddi match now. The herd moved in tandem with the two fighting bulls… We moved in tandem with the two bulls and the herd.

    5 of us, watching the fight from the gallery, so to speak! two of us with their phone cameras switched on, trying to capture the action, simultaneously moving in and out of the sight of the bulls… so that they could capture the bulls and be safe….

    We were not that far away from the ring where the action was happening… There were moments, I tell you, when we thought we would be mowed down by these two angry bulls…the bulls pushed each other against anything on the either side of the road, the railings, the trees but when the black bull pushed the white bull towards an electric post, the fuse box just gave way. There was a spark and with it an entire line of street lights towards the hill side went out.

    Two angry bulls. They fought in the middle of the road, they slid from side to side and finally, the white bull walked away. The black bull looked out for as long as it could until the white one went out of its purview. It walked down the same path..

    It was some sight. It was some night… We walked down behind the bull to see whether we could be a witness to any more horns being locked….

    Locking horns was merely an expression until tonight…. Who would have thought a game of rummy by the pool side after dinner could bring such dividends!

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