Kaka & Golf

Kaka was a popular fictional character and the subject of many a joke in Gujarat, India in the ’60s. Supposed to be a middle aged, rustic, and down to earth man, he was brazen in his views and outspoken. Here’s one more –

Kaka went on a business trip to the US. On his return, his friends and neighbours – all small town folk – asked him to share his experiences.

“Well, the business part was over pretty soon and my host invited me for a round of golf.”

“What is that?”

“Oh, you play it with a stick and ball and hit the ball so that it goes into a hole whose position is marked by a flag nearby. Well, my host had the first strike and he hit the ball which found its mark.”

The friends were pretty anxious to learn how Kaka fared.

Kaka said, “You know, I had never played golf before but I played gilli-danda (a game played in India with a stick and a bail where one tries to hit the bail hard and send it as far as they possibly can) in my childhood, so I hit the ball as hard as I could…”

“And?” There was expectancy on the faces of listeners.

“…unfortunately the ball hit my host on his temple!”

“Ah, and then?”

“Then what, I just put the flag at half mast and went back home!”



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